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Volunteer To Teach English In Kenya

  • Share your passion in teaching English to children
  • Work with local schools and help shape the futures of the students
  • Practice Swahili while immersed in the local culture through carefully-screened homestays
  • Enjoy the world-renowned wildlife attractions, beautiful natural wonders and the diverse Kenyan cultures in your downtime

If you enjoy teaching, this is the opportunity to do so amidst savannas teeming with wildlife! English is a very important subject for young Kenyans to learn. Often, a good ability to read and write in English will mean they can secure seats in good universities and ultimately, get well paid jobs. English is used in commerce, communication and because of the growth of tourism, in jobs related to the field. Although the local standard of English is quite good in Kenya, there are still schools which are resource-poor and lack enough skilled educators. The impoverished attend these schools, and improving the grasp of the English language is near impossible without proper guidance. Hence, our volunteers will help the children to improve their English skills. You’ll teach conservational English as well as from the official curriculum and you’ll be encouraged to hold debates and discussions. This will make the children learn quickly and ensure they become confident individuals capable of believing in themselves. Teach English in Kenya, and help the local children have a better future while enjoying the panoramic sceneries, famous wildlife, and fascinating culture blend of Kenya!

The schools in Kenya will be closed in April-May and August-September. During this time, volunteers will teach in an . Volunteers have the option of joining other projects in Maasai region.

Do you have an interest in education and want to share your skills and time with disadvantaged children in Kenya? Your services are greatly needed!

  • Budget-friendly opportunity to explore Kenya and teach English;
  • Safety is our #1 priority and you will always have consistent support
  • Reliable and reputable volunteer program
  • Unique chance to brighten the present and future lives of disadvantaged children

The majority of Kenyans want to improve their children’s English skills, but most Kenyan rural and poverty driven areas schools are lacking qualified English teachers. With this high demand for English fluency, your volunteer contribution in teaching English in Kenya is greatly appreciated by the Kenyan people. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with a proper orientation and teaching materials, including a textbook, for your class.

You will be teaching a group of 20-35 in a class and most students already understand Basic English. You will work to strengthen students’ conversational and pronunciation skills. Your assignment will vary from formal to informal English teaching programs in Kenya.

The schools in Kenya will be closed in April-May and August-September. During this time, volunteers will teach in an . You also have the option of joining other projects, like work in cultural conservation or medical volunteering.