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Medical Volunteering .

Medical volunteering is where volunteers and interns,pre medics or any one willing to join medical volunteering gets involved in hands on medical experience. Getting involved in all medical activities in the hospital. Participants get involved under supervision by the hospital Doctors and nurses.At least every department has a Doctor incharge and helps the participants to work and get to know all that happens in the hospital.How our local staff treats and the participants are thoroughly and after sometimes the participants can work on their own.Participants gets involved,we call it hands on medical experience.Participants carry with them jackets to wear while at work.In this opportunity we recruit-Proffessionals,Non proffessionals,anyone who is not skilled and wants to help in hospital.We get participants from all over the world.


-Recording the patients, Measuring BP, Getting spacemen’s in the laboratory & Counting the patients.

-Give drugs from pharmacy; Help the pregnant mothers and also helping during delivery period.

-Giving vaccinations.

-Cleaning equipments used in the hospital.

-Dentists help in the Dentistry department like tooth cleaning,filling,extracting.

-Injecting patients.

-Dressing & Cleaning the wounds.

-Helping women in delivery department.

-HIV aids department –volunteers help in giving ARVs to the patients.

-Volunteers get involved in circumcision department.

-Volunteers also work in emergency cases in casualty depart ment.

-Also volunteers works hand in hand with the local staff in the health centre & pharmacies. By helping in giving the drugs to the patients after they get prescriptions from the Doctors.

-Volunteers are not restricted in one department,they are free to work in all departments to gain more experience.


General Information.

Equipment Required


Personal Laptop (optional), medical equipment(s), Drugs & any other medic services a volunteer is willing to offer.
Experience/Skills Empathy ,Strong work ethic, Flexibility ,& Self-confidence

Good Understanding of medical field practices.

Medical Services


Nairobi Capital is about 20 minutes from Kibera and we have sophisticated medical facilities: Nairobi Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, Karen Hospital and many other specialized health care facilities




We serve simple food like

Breakfast – Tea/bread sometimes and egg/pancakes

Lunch – Rice and stew, ugali and green vegetables.

Dinner – Chapati and stew of red beans or beef and the fruit in season

Cafes & Shopping Malls There are shopping malls around and so you can get ATM services and buy anything you want



















Dress Code


You will be staying in a host family house. The services include breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week and you are free to come and go as you please, but should respect the routine and house rules of the volunteer house.

The host family members are English speaking and very accommodative.They have known how to accommodate volunteers in their homes.

Host homes are very safe,and very good gated community home.

Generally, you will be sharing a room with one volunteer or family member or stay alone in a room if there is availability of the room

-There is wifi in the host homes and volunteers pay to use it,volunteers can also choose to buy Kenyan sim card to be communicating with their families back at home.There are shopping malls around where volunteers can buy what they want,exchange currency or cash money from ATM points.





Volunteer should put on clothes which do not expose their private parts.Mini skirts,tight shorts which are very short exposing their thighs its prohibited.

Volunteers can put on trousers,skirts,jackets,and dirst jackets while on duty.




Hospital Location Alkadine Hospital –Kawanware –Nairobi is located near to the accommodation of the volunteer [Host family].Its 20 mins drive from the house.The volunteers will use bus from the stage 2 mins from accommodation to the bus stop.It will cost the volunteer 1 usd for 2 days .To and from.

We help the volunteer go to the hospital from the house, get the bus, then to the hospital, then we go to pick the volunteer from the hospital to the house ,for 2 weeks or more until the volunteers are used to the road,and now they can go alone.


Housing rules


No consuming alcohol in host  house

No bringing other friends without permission

You should let the host know if you will be late coming home.

No use of any drugs at the house

You will respect other volunteers and the host family members .

You will respect local culture .


Laundry There is a caretaker who washes clothes for a minimum of 5 USD but also volunteers can learn how to wash clothes in the host family.
Water There is adequate flow of water in the hosting family homes.
Electricity Electricity is fully supplied within hosting families homes



Note; Internship/volunteering cost include;

Airport pick up = 50 USD
Airport drop off = 50 USD
Internet = 30 USD
Monthly Cost = 450 USD (Covers, Accomodation, Meals, & Supervision.)|


-Are you interested in any excursion- 

-Fill the Form and sent to :     barnabas@havillacc.com

-Registration fee: PAY PAL/Pay online  – [100 usd] –   info@boundlessloves.com

– If students don’t have pay pal account ,they can sent via Western Union to


Barnabas Kimeu Mutua,

Box 37713 00100.

Ngong Road

Elim court Hse 23




-Volunteer can carry any gift to give to the Host Family as appreciation.

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