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Volunteer In Community Development In Kenya Program

Do you want to help improve a rural community and the lives of those who reside there through various community development initiatives? Boundless Loves needs creative hardworking volunteers like you!

  • Budget-friendly opportunity to explore Kenya and teach English;
  • Make a grand difference in a community for just $215 a week
  • Use your specialized skills and interests help strengthen and improve various community projects
  • Feel safe and secure with reliable and constant in country support
  • Highly revered and reviewed volunteer and travel opportunity

Kenyans are working to improve their country. While it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa and an absolutely stunning country, Kenya is still one of the poorest countries in the world. Extreme poverty, political corruption, weak democracy, poor educational standards, and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other serious health issues have left many Kenyans suffering.

Boundless Loves needs your help to focus on issues like community organization, income generation, micro-credit programs, land reform, agriculture, animal care, and gender empowerment by joining a community development program in Kenya. With your time, dedication, and support, you can help the local Maasai people increase their quality of life while preserving their culture.

By joining this volunteer opportunity in community development in Kenya, you can truly make a difference in the Maasai region by promoting local growth and development. This is an opportunity to become immersed in a fascinating culture, while working alongside the Maasai people to help improve their communities and way of life.