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Art (Tailoring & Hair Dressing)

1.Tailoring-Interns/Volunteers shall make clothing such as dress, trouser or blouses for the  community and uniforms for pupils in schools


Skills & Roles

Interns/Vlunteerss with Tailoring skills in dress making should posses the below listed skills

(They should be able to;-

-Sew garments, using needles and thread or sewing machine

-Measure parts such as sleeves or pant legs, and mark or pin-fold alteration lines.

-Take up or let down hems to shorten or lengthen garment parts such as sleeves.

-Let out or take in seams in suits and other garments to improve fit.

-Assemble garment parts and join parts with basting stitches, using needles and thread or sewing machines.

-Remove stitches from garments to be altered, using rippers or razor blades.

-Fit, alter, repair, and make made-to-measure clothing, according to customers’ and clothing manufacturers’ specifications and fit and applying principles of garment design, construction, and styling.

-Maintain garment drape and proportions as alterations are performed.

-Develop, copy, or adapt designs for garments, and design patterns to fit measurements, applying knowledge of garment design, construction, styling, and fabric.

-Estimate how much a garment will cost to make, based on factors such as time and material requirements


2.Hair dressing-Volunteers will involve themselves in different hair designing and techniques in the community



-Shampooing and conditioning

-Cutting and styling

-Colouring/perming or straitening

-Advising on minor hair & scalp problems






Equipment Required


Personal Laptop (optional), Tailoring/Hair Making equipments & any other services a volunteer is willing to offer.
Experience/Skills Hardworking, Time Manager, & Easy to learn new tasks.
Medical Services


Nairobi Capital is about 20 minutes from Kibera and we have sophisticated medical facilities: Nairobi Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, Karen Hospital and many other specialized health care facilities




We serve simple food like

Breakfast – Tea/bread sometimes and egg/pancakes

Lunch – Rice and stew, ugali and green vegetables.

Dinner – Chapati and stew of red beans or beef and the fruit in season

Cafes & Shopping Malls There are shopping malls around and so you can get ATM services and buy anything you want






You will be staying in a host family house. The services include breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week and you are free to come and go as you please, but must respect the routine and house rules of the volunteer house.

Generally, you will be sharing a room with 1-2 other volunteers or family member.

Housing rules


No consuming alcohol at the house

No bringing other friends without permission

You should let the host know if you will be late.

No use of any drugs at the house

You will respect other volunteers and the host family

You will respect local culture

Laundry There is a caretaker who washes clothes for a minimum of 5 USD
Water There is adequate flow of water in the hosting houses
Electricity Electricity is fully supplied within hosting families homes



Note; Internship/volunteering cost include;

Airport pick up = 50 USD
Airport drop off = 50 USD
Internet = 30 USD
Monthly cost = 600 USD (Covers, housing, 2-3 meals/day, supervision, pre-departure training, on-site orientation,  incident response, evaluation.


-Are you interested in any excursion- 

-Fill the Form and sent to :     barnabas@havillacc.com

-Registration fee: PAY PAL/Pay online  – [100 usd] –   info@boundlessloves.com

– If students don’t have pay pal account ,they can sent via Western Union to


Barnabas Kimeu Mutua,

Box 37713 00100.

Ngong Road

Elim court Hse 23




-Volunteer can carry any gift to give to the Host Family as appreciation.

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